Ink & Toner Supplies

Importance of Ink & Toner Supplies

Obviously with modern technology, e-mailing documents has become the alternative to printing, but paper is still a necessary component of any business. For example, anything that requires a signature typically needs to be printed out and generally requires copies to be made. It all depends on the nature of the business how word documents or communication is handled. E-mails tend to be only for temporary communication purposes, which may be even more temporary if there is a limit on the e-mail server for storage. Also, while data can be stored on a server or backed up periodically through various items such as external hard drives, there may be a necessity to still print off and storage a physical copy in case anything happens to the data.

The most common type of printer would definitely have to be an inkjet printer. These printers produce droplets of ink on pages to create the print, and it's not limited to just paper as it can print onto plastic and most other substrates. The price range of these printers varies, as there are many companies that manufacture small, consumer inkjet printers that are rather inexpensive. There are also much larger and much more professional inkjet printers, which are usually for production lines and can cost around tens of thousands of dollars. There is a second kind of printer that uses lasers to figure out shapes, colours, and anything else needed to print the picture itself. Ink can be quite expensive when you're using an inkjet printer, and although you still have to purchase toner for the laser type, it's still the economical choice.

Seeing as ink cartridges are incredibly expensive, some people take it upon themselves and refill the ink cartridge. DIY ink refill involves buying ink in bulk amounts and then refilling the empty cartridges. This saves both time, and money, since there is no need to go to the store and purchase a brand new ink cartridge. You can purchase any kind of colour you feel you need, as well as fill up your own cartridges at will. It's a great feeling when you save yourself money, but it's an even greater feeling when you realize how easy it is. It also limits the number of ink cartridges that go to the landfill, so it can be argued to be the eco-friendly choice. There are even companies that refill ink cartridges and even toner for offices or personal use. These companies may be a solution for large orders or when finding the right supplies to refill an ink cartridge proves difficult.