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It may seem that faxing isn't really necessary in the business world anymore. Until you need to send a fax. The fact is, there are still key business sectors, including Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, and Health Care, that still use fax technology regularly. But that doesn't mean you necessarily need a traditional fax machine.

Why not send faxes online? Or fax by email? These days, computer-based fax solutions offer powerful and simple solutions for sending and receiving faxes. They primarily utilize the Internet for sending faxes, typically in conjunction with an email program or some other software application. Some allow you to use a phone modem instead, providing extra security. Office Shop Direct can help you get started.

Fax Solutions

Computer faxing allows you to send and receive faxes through the Internet via a Web-based program, your email program, or your computer in conjunction with a telephone modem. In other words, you can manage your fax materials digitally, printing them only when necessary, instead of having to deal with the awkward paper clutter associated with traditional faxing methods.

Look for the ability to create custom cover pages and transmission logs, archiving functions, apps for mobile devices, and Bluetooth faxing capability. When digital faxing solutions are combined with a mobile device, such as a tablet or Smartphone, sending faxes online takes on a new dimension. Online faxing plans can begin at under $10 per month.

Online fax services can provide different degrees of security, including encrypting your faxes and allowing the use of a modem, which in general is more secure than email. Some services enable you to comply with HIPPA regulations, a necessary requirement for many businesses.

If you already use a VoIP phone system, you can add an Internet-based fax line through that service. And if you use Skype, there are apps available, such as PamFax, that allow you to incorporate faxing into your normal service.

Whether you're looking to send faxes online or fax by email, begin by looking into providers such as RingCentral, eFax, Nextiva, and MetroFax, among others.