About Photocopiers

A high-quality and dependable photocopying machine can go a long way towards enhancing an office's productivity and efficiency. As upfront costs, maintenance, toner, and paper costs can add up, it also helps to weigh carefully the trade-offs associated with functionality, your particular needs, and operational costs over the life of the machine. Office Shop Direct can help you narrow your search until you find the perfect fit for your office.

Today's photocopiers, both black-and-white and color models, take advantage of digital imaging technology and superior engineering to create a generation of compact, high-speed machines that produce crisp, professional-looking copies – including many at a price that most home office consumers can afford.


If your needs are even more robust and your budget larger, contemporary high-end photocopiers offer an amazing array of features, and in surprisingly compact packages compared with even just a few years ago.

Today's photocopiers offer a wide assortment of features to improve productivity, including multiple feeder trays, collating, sorting, and stapling functions. Files can often be sent to the copier from your computer desktop, and can be output on paper or to alternate sources such as fax machines. Most copiers today have an easy-to-use interface that makes copying a breeze.

When choosing a copier, consider such issues as your space limitations, which features you truly need in terms of amount of paper and collating/stapling abilities, and how important it is to make color copies. All-in-one (AIO) and multi-function printers (MFPs) combine photocopying with other functions such as faxing and scanning, effectively making them printer, copier, scanners – in one device.

An especially important consideration, especially for higher-end machines, is the long-term cost of maintaining your photocopier. Knowing the details of your warranty is a good idea, as is taking advantage of low-cost toner refills. Consider extended warranty options and leasing opportunities for larger machines.

Whether you're simply interested in a copier, or wanting a printer and scanner as well, enjoy shopping for your machine and look for trusted brands such as Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, and Xerox, among others.