Glue Sticks

Stick it Without Getting Stuck

Remember the time in elementary school spent creating arts and crafts? You'd color, cut paper into various shapes and sizes, then glue the entire project together with that icky, sticky white paste. That white paste was glumpy and goopy and just really hard to work with overall, but you didn't mind the mess because you were kid. Now that you're an adult, however, you can appreciate the convenience and tidiness of glue sticks for all your gluing needs.

Hot glue sticks are a crafter's dream come true. Nearly any project, from Christmas decorations to quick sewing fixes, can be done with hot melt glue sticks. You may be thinking, "What does that have to do with me and my business?" Quite a lot, actually. If crafters can use them for literally thousands of different projects, you can certainly use them at your business for quick fixes that need to be done. Instead of throwing something away because it's chipped or slightly broken, use a hot glue stick on it! Once dried, hot melt glue is very resilient.

For any paper projects that need to be done, colored glue sticks can be extremely handy. While the glue is colored, it dries clear. The added pigment to the colored glue sticks lets someone know if they have gotten glue over all of the areas that they need to without touching the surface and getting stuck themselves. It's a quick and convenient way to make sure your next marketing banner or creative invitation to the company party will hold up.

Oval hot glue sticks are one of the latest inventions in the glue stick world. Oval hot glue sticks allow for more glue to get melted at once, ultimately resulting in less of the glue stick being used. If you are using a glue gun for a large project, oval hot glue sticks will save your hand from unnecessary strain caused from having to constantly squeeze the trigger of the hot glue gun.

Any office that has wood furniture must have wood glue sticks on hand. You never know when a piece of the wood furniture might become chipped or otherwise damaged. With a wood glue stick on hand, you can instantly repair the furniture. The ability to instantly make a quick repair will prevent further damage from being done to the area, especially if it's a chip. It will also let you get more life out of what may have been an expensive purchase. The more money you can save on replacing office furniture, the more money you'll ultimately be able to keep in your pocket.

As you can see, using glue isn't just for kids anymore!