Fax Machines

About Fax Machines

Facsimile machines have come a long way since they were first introduced in the mid-1980s. Today, fax machines are still a common office fixture, in business and home office settings. This is true even with the advent of email and online faxing technologies.

The fact is, many businesses still rely on faxing technology, whether you do or not. And for some people, it's easier not to clutter their email inbox further by receiving fax material there. So fax machines continue to hold their place in the office arena.

Fax Machines

Most modern fax machines utilize document-scanning technology, in which a stepper motor enables the machine to scan one line at a time. Today's fax machines can usually accomplish this task in just seconds per page.

For businesses with a high volume of faxing, it's a good idea to spend more for increased speed and automatic feeder capabilities. For home-based businesses, on the other hand, it may be necessary to consider whether a second dedicated phone line is necessary or not. If your level of fax volume is small and infrequent, you may consider utilizing a fax machine with a splitter that allows it to share your regular phone line.

Of course, online faxing options, including email-based faxing and other services, may be an ideal solution for home users (and larger businesses, for that matter). These internet-based fax solutions can potentially save money and space while simplifying your workflow.

When shopping for your fax machine, consider looking into products from companies such as Brother, HP, Panasonic, and Sharp, to name a few.