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About Business Stationery

Yes, we are fully in the Digital Age. But stationery is still one of our most important office supplies.

Paper fills the trays in our copy machines and printers. We put it into file folders and filing cabinets. We use it for memos, sales letters, and Thank You notes for clients. We utilize digital versions of our stationery for electronic communications. We even shred stationery and other paper products by the ream.

Business Stationery

So, from copy paper to professional-quality letterhead and invoices, from business cards to sales brochures, let Office Shop Direct help you find this most basic and useful of office supplies.

Marketing with Your Business Cards and Stationery

Today, thanks to the power of the Web, there are more options than ever when it comes to designing your >business cards and stationery. You can order what you need directly online, simply entering your information and choosing from the provider's template options. Or you can work with a graphic designer directly and pay top dollar for such custom-designed materials.

Not ready to design a custom logo? Then simply use a quality printer to print your business name and other information in colored, attractive fonts for now. But it is important that your stationery items be coordinated in terms of color, font, and overall look and feel. So choose a style and approach you like – and stick with it.

Whatever approach you take, it's important to remember that your >business cards, stationery, and printed envelopes are not mere "office supplies" – they are frontline marketing materials that promote you and your brand effectively and professionally.

The Power of Paper

Taking the time to know when to save money, as may be the case with copy paper, and when to spend more, as with professional letterhead, is well worth the effort. Stationery and other paper products are still some of your most valuable office supplies. Even in the Digital Age.