Netbooks in 2013

Netbooks have always been thought of as a reliable piece of hardware for any business. The main selling points for netbooks include that they are compact and cost significantly less money than the average laptop does. The selling points appeal to any schools low on funding, or even businesses in which there is not a large budget for technology. Netbooks are becoming a rarity with the introduction of Ultrabooks as well as the popularity of tablets. There are even tablets that come with a detachable keyboard, which provide the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a netbook. Netbooks are still relevant in 2013 due to how cost effective they are when compared to laptops and even tablets.

When you take into consideration how much cheaper a netbook is compared to a regular laptop or a tablet, you start to see where the real selling point is. Many wireless service providers have offered "free of charge" service for netbooks, which would make it a valuable piece of equipment for businesses that need to integrate a small technology budget for a start-up company. Even though it's 2013, netbooks contain relevant technology that is able to run multiple applications and run the latest operating system. Any mobile platform such as netbooks, tablets, or any sort of hybrid technology are used by people who are frequently travelling, which is perfect for any mobile businesses trying to connect with others. Netbooks also offer a greater educational opportunity, because of how small, cost effective and portable they are but also due to how simplistic they are to operate.

Netbooks vs. Laptops

A netbook is much more portable than a regular laptop, as well as much lighter; this could be really appealing to a travelling business. It might be an important factor in for when travelling by airplane or even to ensure that the netbook is protected but still discrete. Netbooks are also popular in education. They provide basic computer functionality at a price that can fit within tight educational budgets.