Apps for Business

Best Apps for Work

There are a vast amount of apps that a business would find useful, whether they be used for the transfer of data or help in the aid of presentations or meetings. These apps will allow employees to keep themselves updated on a daily basis, whether it be with changes or meeting schedules. Apps like "Expensify" will make your life a little bit easier when it comes to work, and there are many other applications available there that will do the exact same thing. The "Expensify" app calculates and reports your total expense of a business trip, which of course saves time and paperwork. This is only one useful app, but on there are a wide variety available on any of the operating system platforms.

Another incredibly useful app is OmniFocus, which is a task managing app that will help you keep on schedule. Every single person who has had a busy schedule has been late before, so they know what it feels like; this will ensure that workers are aware of any changes to meetings or business agenda. A similar feature present on the newer iPhones is Siri, which is a virtual assistant. It can do most things required in a worker's daily life.

Every business needs a word processing app on their smartphones, but not a lot of people are keen on typing out a whole report on their mobile device. The Quickoffice app allows you to open up any documents you might receive from co-workers, in such a manner that avoids any functionality issues within the application. This means that you don't have to be at the office to look over some work, which is always great for a business owner or anyone working within a fast-paced environment.

Deciding Between Applications

Usually apps will have a free version and a paid version of apps, and this is very beneficial. Employees can use the free version in order to test the functionality of the app, examine how efficient the user interface allows them to perform their work, and to compare the one with that offers the best core experience. By using employees at multiple levels as focus groups, the company can focus in on what are the best and most relevant apps even on a departmental basis. Focus groups also have the potential to limit the research one individual has to do on the expanded features that come with purchasing the app. Here there is even the potential to have large focus groups for multiple free apps, and then to have a smaller focus groups for any apps that demonstrate potential application. This way the core features and the premium features can be explored without commitment to a single app, which may prove irrelevant.