Laptop Docking Stations

Converting a Laptop to Have Desktop Functionality

Docking stations have always been an integral part of any mobile businesses since their release. They allow for a laptop to have the same effect of a desktop computer, but without sacrificing the mobility that comes along with owning a laptop. Portable computers have the ability to dock and undock whether in use, shut down, or even on stand-by. The newer docks are incorporated with newer ports, such as USB 3.0 and HDMI, which is great considering it allows for more advanced technologies to be compatible with the dock. There are even "vertical docks" available for MacBook airs, which allow for better cable management as well as minimizing desk clutter in the process. Using HDMI ports (or any display ports as long as there are multiple ports), you could also set-up dual-monitors with the docking station. The newer models have a sleek design that will not only improve the look of your computer, but also help you with managing multiple devices whether it's at home or in the office. Most docking stations have security protocols they implement. For example, the security-lock on the average docking station will help prevent theft, and some even will provide an audible alarm if the computer is taken off improperly.

Cluttered desks reduce how effective an employee can work, since it will take time for the employee to locate what they need. It's important to have as much space as possible to provide workers with an opportunity to have organizational equipment on their desk. Docking stations are incredible with cable management, and they allow a person to have a laptop without sacrificing the need for multiple devices. Even though docking stations are incredibly great for organization and for converting a laptop to be able to have the same capabilities as a desktop, they're incredibly simple in their design. Due to this simplicity, laptop docking stations tend to be very durable, and can therefore be taken by employees to hook up to their own home office solution. Employees are then able to experience the same productivity at home as they do at which, which can greatly relieve the amount of time that an employee may spend performing any duties that are required at home.