Computer Monitors

About Computer Monitors

If there's one thing that can be especially enjoyable when using a desktop computer instead of a laptop, it's the ability to work with a nice, large monitor screen. Even a smaller screen is likely to be considerably larger than your laptop's. And if you have the space and inclination, you can find some truly big screens with superior resolution and features.

Whether you're replacing an aging monitor or purchasing a new computer, let Office Shop Direct help you find the best computer monitor for your needs.

Computer Monitors

These days, thanks to LCD technology, computer monitors are far sleeker than in the days of the larger and more cumbersome CRT (tube-based, like old-fashioned television screens) models. In other words, today's monitors are flat panel monitors, also known as flat screen monitors. This makes for streamlined designs that save space on desktops, and most models can even be wall-mounted.

Before looking more closely at standard LCD monitors or touch screen monitors, you should ask a few questions to begin narrowing your search.

One of the first questions you should consider is your computer operating system. If you are running or switching to Windows 8, then take a look at touch screen monitors, since this operating system is designed for such on-screen interaction. While it is possible to navigate Windows 8 without utilizing a touch screen monitor, it's worth looking into making the switch.

Next, how much are you prepared to spend? Even if you don't require a higher-end model and larger size for technical reasons, you may consider spending extra money anyway. For example, if you'll spend most of every day looking at your monitor, why not go ahead and give your eyes a break with a larger monitor? On the other hand, if you are only occasionally at your desk, doing most of your work on a laptop or tablet, then maybe less is more.

How much room do you have on your desk? Do you need or want to mount your monitor on a wall?

Do you need to view a lot of video or work with high-resolution photographs? Or is your work primarily geared towards word processing and email? If you don't need the highest resolution and quality available, you can safely save yourself money by purchasing a fine, but lower-end, model. (Take a look at our Flat Panel/LCD Monitors page for more technical details about resolution, refresh, and contrast issues.)

When you begin shopping, consider looking at brands such as Dell, Asus, Samsung, AOC, NEC, and HP, among others.

With their space-saving and sleek designs, vivid colors, and amazing resolution capabilities, today's LCD monitors truly enhance your desktop and overall workflow.