Anti Virus Software

The Importance of AntiVirus Software

Even with an office that educates its employees concerning how to avoid viruses, there will still be circumstances in which a virus will infect a system in a file or a link that seems perfectly safe. While McAfee is recommended, there are other programs to consider as well. Although viruses may not seem dangerous (and they can be), there are tools available to detect and eliminate them before they cause system wide issues. Anti-virus software programs should be an integral part of any computer set-up in the office or at home.

McAfee is a great anti-virus program that has in part developed its reputation by how long it has been available, but there are other options to explore if the tool seems to take too many system resources or prove to be difficult to navigate. AVG, Norton, Panda, and Symantec are alternatives to McAfee. The sole purpose of these programs is to infiltrate (as well as quarantine) any executed programs that seem dangerous. For example, if a file is relatively new and the systems sense it trying to make some drastic changes, it will alert you. From here you can decide whether you want to get rid of it or not. Many companies use these programs to keep their computers running as smoothly as possible, but some users at home may find themselves with "false positives." Most programs have two different scanning methods: full-scan and a quick scan. A full-scan usually takes a bit of time, since it scans the whole machine.

False positives are simply when the program thinks a file is a virus, but it really isn't. This is why there's always an option to rid of the file, or keep it in tact.

Types of Viruses

These programs come with immense databases, which contain information pertaining to computer viruses. This means that if a program finds something that's relatively common, it will automatically get it rid of it. This is what happens while you are scanning your computer for files, as the anti-virus program is aware of what's best for your computer. The viruses could be anything from a Trojan, a worm, or even a key logger. All of these are meant to steal private information, which is always in danger when it comes to using the internet. Anti-virus software will make sure that your computer is clean and virus free, as well as stopping and information theft in the process.