Application Servers

Using Application Servers

Application servers are great for a business because so many nowadays are keen to implementing them. Its sole purpose is to maintain the efficiency of the procedures that come with running applications that may be on a website as an example. If the application servers are running on Java, then the server itself acts as an outlet to run excess apps. One of the most known application servers would have to be ".NET Framework", which is produced by Microsoft. Although it is the most known, it isn't the only one available.

PHP application servers can also be implemented if you're going to be running PHP applications. There are a few third-party application servers that are PHP compatible (those being Zend Server and


Data and code integrity is the main advantage of using of application servers. This will allow for any automatic updates to connect to every module necessary as well as properly upgrade their applications. The security features for application-servers are impeccable as well, because there's only one place that manages all of the data. This means that only the person controlling the "central point" will be able to access the data, which means there isn't any outside authentication needed.

Some companies don't make or manage applications, so they might find application-servers pointless. However, if any company is going to be managing web-pages it's just as important as anything else. To have a professional website, you need to be able to ensure that the potential for any external source to gain unauthorized access is limited. There are plenty of people who infiltrate databases, so having a secure application-server to store information on a private website with confidential information is necessary.