Business Storage

About Business Storage

It doesn't take long for a business to generate and accumulate enough data and digital material to make data storage a real necessity. But even though we're in the Digital Age, we still produce reams and reams of paper-based documents. And these must be stored and archived.

And you may need to store other materials as well, things like office desks and chairs (perhaps after moving to a new space), product samples, file cabinets, etc.

This is where physical storage becomes necessary for your business.

Tapping into Storage Facilities

Business Storage

Many people have utilized rentable storage facilities for personal use. But many of these same facilities can also facilitate your business storage needs, offering climate controlled units, 24/7 security and surveillance, and flexible rates and space offerings. So, rather than lease extra floor space in an executive office suite, you can lease a suitable area in a storage facility nearby – saving money and keeping your primary workspace streamlined.

Many self-storage providers regularly accommodate the storage needs of restaurants and clubs, retailers, and sales professionals, in addition to office-based businesses. Space options range from traditional "self-storage" through warehouse volumes.

And some storage providers go considerably beyond mere "storage." They may offer receiving and retrieval options, where they receive packages on your behalf and store them for you – and then retrieves items for you as well. And when you factor in that they may offer a courier service, it becomes apparent that your storage facility is effectively acting as a logistics provider for your business.

Some of the best-known national storage facility chains include Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, CubeSmart, and U-Haul International. You may also consider looking into one of the innumerable smaller operations, many of which are locally operated and offer excellent service. While looking at price, quality, and security, keep in mind that location is one of the most critical factors in making leasable storage space a workable option for your business.

Don't Forget Data Storage

Again, while many items can be physically stored in a suitable space, data can present some different challenges. Of course, you can store any data disks and even old hard drives in a leasable storage facility, but online storage is one of the best options for securely storing and backing up your data. Some providers even offer free online storage. See our article on backup storage options for more details.

Whether a solution is needed for data, furniture, or product, there isn't always practical or secure to keep everything at the office. Skillfully utilizing the business storage options at your disposal is a smart way to keep your enterprise running smoothly.