Smart Boards

About Interactive Whiteboards

A New Generation of Whiteboards

There are whiteboards – and then there are electronic whiteboards. Especially if your business relies heavily on meetings, it may be worthwhile to investigate the relatively new world of electronic whiteboards, also known as interactive whiteboards (IWB). And Office Shop Direct can help you get started.

Imagine you're conducting an important meeting. Not only are you laying out your ideas, but everyone else is weighing in, too. Real collaboration and communication. Sure, it's good for everyone to take notes – but that leaves a lot of room for ideas to fall through the cracks.

Smart Boards

But with an electronic whiteboard, the notes on the board can be transferred to your computer immediately. This, in turn, allows you to print out whatever was written on the board. So immediately after the meeting, you can ensure your clients and employees will receive a copy of exactly what was written on the board during the meeting. It's convenient – and it prevents errors and miscommunication down the road.

And you can utilize even more features with truly interactive electronic whiteboards. These work with computer software, touchscreen technology, "digital" markers, a computer mouse, graphics tablets, and other devices to enable you to go beyond merely making "notes" on a board. With them you can add multimedia clips to your presentation, drag and drop files, shrink and zoom images, and more.

So, these interactive whiteboards give you complete control over every aspect of your presentation. You'll never view meetings in quite the same way again.

If you're ready to go to the next level of interactive meeting technology, consider interactive whiteboards. While shopping for your electronic whiteboard, look for brands such as Hitachi, SMART, Promethean, Panasonic, and Cleverboard, among others.