Satellite Phones

Satellite Phones for a Business

A satellite phone (sometimes known as a "satphone") is a mobile phone that connects its calls using orbiting satellites. They are prevalently used by businesses that send their employees into more isolated areas that lack regular cellular service. Satellite phones do the same things as any other cell phone would do: you can communicate using voice, use short messaging systems, and even low bandwidth internet access is able to be used with most satellite phone systems in modern times. Satellite phones can be pretty pricey in comparison to some average cell phones, as a used one can cost around $200 USD, while the newest handsets are quite expensive; some even amount to more than $1,000 USD. The phone themselves are built for only one network, so it cannot be switched to any others during its use. If any satellite network provider has its network performance lower, than the price of the handset itself will plummet as well.

The Different Types of Satellite Phones

Satellite phones tend to do the same thing all around, but it's not the features themselves that sell the phone. It has to do with how well the phone is connected, and if it's got all three main features that you usually find within a satellite phone. These phones are nothing like smartphones, because smartphones have more features (with the implementation of apps and such), but a satellite phone is incredibly crucial for anybody who may be venturing out into isolated plains. Thuraya, Iridium, and Globalstar are the three main companies that produce satellite phones, and are also the top 3 companies that are said to have "the best satellite connections available." There is a cost of use just like any other mobile phone, and it can range from around $0.15 USD per minute all the way up to $2.00 USD (when you call them from a land line or a regular cell phone the price is a bit higher because of the different connections). There are also prepaid vouchers available (from $100 all the way to $5,000.). These phones are great for any business that may send their workers out into places where there is no technology to support cellular networks, such as locations that are virtually untouched by humans. Having a satellite phone assures that they will have a phone with a strong connection, so that they don't have to worry about communicating in the case of an emergency or just to establish contact. Many people in Cambodia use satellite phones as a means of entertainment as well (with the use of CTN, the Cambodian Television Network that broadcast satellite signals).