International Cell Phones

International Cell Phones in Business

Everybody is aware of roaming costs, and businesses that require their employees to travel will need to consider ahead of time how to eliminate or decrease these fees. Keeping in contact with workers overseas is crucial as a business, since it ensures that employees are successfully navigating any business deals. Depending on the nature of an employee's business overseas, the employee may need the phone to communicate to the business in which he's in negotiations. It will also be beneficial if there is any form of emergency. Many companies have been in the process of developing smartphones to be compatible with worldwide networks, which is another great idea for expanding businesses across the world.

Where to Begin

Many mobile companies (like Nokia) offer cheap, small international phones that connect to their calls using VOIP. This means that instead of a regular connection, the international cell phone uses Internet Protocol (which is connecting the call with the use of internet connections). This means that you won't have to worry about dropped calls or cutting out. Some companies offer region-specific plans for certain phones. It's possible to pay for the wrong one, though. Many providers offer plans on a "pay-per-use" basis, which would be ideal if you really wanted to keep expenses low. If your business is travels frequently, you might have to stack different regions on top of each other in the roaming package. It may add up at the end of the month, but it's definitely better than receiving multiple fees from your service provider.

In order to actually make a call, your business's service provider must have a compatible network with wherever you're visiting. So if you find yourself in Europe, chances are you will have no problem contacting anybody back home with your current provider; but other regions like Africa or the Caribbean might present you with a harder time. AT&T has a great world phone operation going on, and they offer fantastic roaming packages as well as reasonably cheap data plans for your business needs.