Intercom Systems

All about Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are voice-communication systems that are built to be used within either a single building, or a collection of buildings surrounding an area. Businesses seek high-quality intercom systems to maintain contact throughout work spaces. Intercoms function completely independently, which means they aren't connected to the public telephone network. This is good because most intercoms are implemented to give an area stricter security or to be able to communicate throughout the areas. Generally intercoms are mounted high up on walls, and permanently placed inside the buildings or vehicles they'll call their new homes. Intercoms have the ability to not only connect to local loudspeakers, but also public address loudspeaker systems (as well as talkie talkies, telephones, and other intercom systems). Some intercom systems even implement the control of any signal lights or door latches that may be in the vicinity. This means if your business relies on communication in the workplace, this would be a valuable addition.

Different Types of Intercom Systems

There are both permanent and portable intercom systems available for purchase, and it's all down to what kind of system required. Most traditional intercoms (permanent systems) are completely made up of analogue electronic components, but digital connections are becoming more prominent as technology overall advances. Video signals can be carried along with voice signals with a regular, permanent intercom. Schools and office buildings tend to have intercom systems with both audio and video so that they can be aware of who visitors are when they come in. These systems can also be found in transportation vehicles (trains, aircraft, armoured vehicles, etc).

Portable intercoms (also known as wireless intercoms) are growing in popularity. This is due to the rise of festivals and events the world has been holding (especially the USA), as most production crews at these events are using wireless intercoms. Theatres and performing arts businesses have a selection of intercoms implemented within the buildings, due to how communication is when coordinating productions.

The sole purpose of these systems is to assure communication between persons, and often it's even used as a security measure. If schools didn't have these systems to implement, then any stranger could potentially walk into the school unnoticed.