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Internet Phone Solutions

Not so long ago, you had two primary options for making phone calls: a traditional "landline" or a mobile phone. (OK, phone booths still exist, and you could use one if it came down to it.) But maybe it's time to consider a third option – Internet phone solutions. And Office Shop Direct can help you get started.

Internet phones use your high-speed Internet connection to make phone calls, using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. It's the same technology behind instant messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger or iMessage, but with the ability to have actual verbal interactions. And instead of having to be seated at your computer, you can use a phone handset to make your calls.

Broadband/Internet Phones

What are the advantages of broadband phones?

By switching to phone service via a broadband Internet connection, you can forgo the need to have a separate phone line (a landline) for your business. This can save money and simplify your technology needs. In fact, VoIP service providers typically allow you to bundle services in one package, such as Internet and phone services, to save money and offer the convenience of dealing with just one bill.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to using broadband phones is the cost, which is typically considerably less than the cost of using a traditional phone line. This is especially so when factoring in the cost for long-distance calls. By routing phone calls through your Internet connection, VoIP service providers can avoid having to use much of the traditional landline infrastructure necessary for a standard phone call. Then they pass on the savings to you.

Rates vary from company to company, but these plans typically include unlimited long-distance calling, offer very affordable international rates, and can start at prices below $20 per month.

By combining VoIP technology with mobile broadband options (which allow you to access the Internet anywhere there is a compatible data network signal, without a needing a Wi-Fi signal), you can really tap into the world of phone options that go beyond landlines and mobile phones. Also, many VoIP plans offer call forwarding to your cell phone, offering seamless integration between your desktop and mobile broadband environments.

By installing accessories on their phones and computers to access VoIP services over their broadband Internet connection, many people have said goodbye to traditional landlines and multiple phone bills. When shopping for VoIP service providers, consider beginning with companies such as Vonage, Ooma, Skype, ITP, and